In memory | Iain Robinson

Late Iain Robinson

Iain, a Lay Minister and an active member of the community, who was involved with the development of Bright Moon passed away on the 14th of July 2011.

Iain had a keen interest in developments regarding the Lay Initiative and Bright Moon. He contributed to the "About" texts and offered many good ideas on how to set up things in a way that would make everyone feel included. The ideas were always offered with a touch of his usual sense of humour.

Many thanks for everything Iain!



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About Bright Moon

Bright Moon  was initiated by members of the lay community connected with the OBC temples and meditation groups, and is managed by the Bright Moon admin team.

Bright Moon website is offered to those who might feel that it’s helpful to extend their network of Dharma friends beyond the circle of people that they know personally through face-to-face contact within their own temple and group, as well as to those training without the benefit of a local sangha. It is intended as an additional means of communication.


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