Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my user details?
You can change your user account information at any time. For basic profile details (including your email address and password), click on the 'Edit Account' option from within the user account page (you need to be logged in to access your account).

I forgot my username / password, what do I do?

Go to Request New Password, the system will ask for the e-mail address you registered with, you will then receive a one time login to access your account and reset your details. If all fails contact site administration.

How can I contact other users on Bright Moon?

On the forums to the left side of a post is listed the information about the author, you can use the email  or PM (Private Message) option to contact the poster. Alternatively, you find the same email and PM options on the personal introduction page of a user. Personal  Introductions are listed here.

How can I add my picture?

There are two options for adding your photograph. You can add a picture in your account via edit account. This picture will show as your avatar next to your posts. You can also add a (bigger) picture to your personal introduction, this can be the same photo as your avatar or a different one.

How did 'Bright Moon' come about?
Please see the information about the Lay Initiave

What are moderators and administrators and how can I contact them?
Moderators oversee specific forums. They generally have the ability to edit and delete posts, move threads, and perform other actions. In the online community becoming a moderator for a specific forum is usually a task for users who are particularly helpful on and knowledgeable about the subject of the forum that they are moderating. Administrators are the people who have overall control of everything that happens on the website. Bright Moon administration can be reached via Contact, you can also contact individual members of the Bright Moon Team

What are emoticons?

Emoticons are icons that can be used in your posts to express things which don’t always come across in words. You might wish to use these to show that you are happy, sad, joking, or embarrassed. The basic emoticons are made up of a combination of characters that show an image, for example, :) is converted to a smiley face, :( to a sad face and ;) to a joke. A recent addition is  _/\_ for a Gassho.

Commonly used Internet acronyms

btw – by the way

fwiw – for what it’s worth

imo – in my opinion

imho – in my humble opinion

lol – laughing out loud

ymmv – your mileage may vary (your experience might be different)