About Bright Moon

Bright Moon  was initiated by members of the lay community connected with the OBC temples and meditation groups, and is managed by the Bright Moon admin team.

Bright Moon website is offered to those who might feel that it’s helpful to extend their network of Dharma friends beyond the circle of people that they know personally through face-to-face contact within their own temple and group, as well as to those training without the benefit of a local sangha. It is intended as an additional means of communication.

We hope the website will grow to cover many aspects of Buddhist training, and its practical expression in daily life. People with shared interests and concerns can discuss these within a broader group, and understand the perspective of trainees in other parts of the world. An important benefit for those who can’t get to a temple or group in person very often, will be to help us keep in touch with fellow Buddhists in our particular ‘family’.

The Relationship between  Bright Moon and the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives (OBC)

The relationship with the monastic Order is one of friendly and supportive cooperation based on shared goals and interests within mutual practice. Bright Moon is an independent website; it does not fall under the administration of the Order of Buddhist Contemplatives, and the OBC is not responsible for its contents. The views expressed on the website are those of the participants and do not necessarily represent those of the Order as a whole, or those of the Bright Moon admin team.

Supporting Bright Moon

We hope you find Bright Moon insightful and of benefit to your practice.  If you would like to help with the running costs of the website, a small gift would be very much appreciated.This can be made via PayPal or  credit card online securely, by clicking on the donate options below. You can make a one time donation, you can also opt for a regular donation, and this can be as low as a few pounds or dollars. Your support will help to continue this online meeting place for the Sangha. Bright Moon depends entirely on donations from the community.


Making a Donation

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